17-37 Segment 2: How to Make Your Start-up Work


It’s the American dream to start your own business and watch it thrive. But most of the time, that’s easier said than done. We explore entrepreneurial tips and tricks from the 20-something CEO who has already become a start-up expert.


  • Daniel DiPiazza, CEO of Rich20Something and author of Rich20Something: Ditch your average job, start an epic business, and score the life you want

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16-13 Segment 2: The Future of Work


Synopsis: Economists are saying that American workers’ wages are stagnant and have been for quite a few years now despite working longer hours and being “on call” all the time through technology. That doesn’t mean that business is lagging though, since corporations, their CEOs and other high-level managers are doing quite well in that department. Our guest says that work and the way we compensate the rank-and-file workers needs to change to bring up wages and add benefits to make the work environment more equitable. We discuss why this inequality exists, look at some companies who are bucking that tide and find out ways that the system can change through education, government action and community empowerment

Host: Marty Peterson. Guest: Thomas A. Kochan, Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and author of the book, Shaping the Future of Work.

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