15-27 Segment 2: Over-involved Parents



Synopsis: Kids are little bundles of imagination and they can amuse themselves with the simplest of household goods: a pot and a spoon, becomes a drum; a cardboard box turns into a fort, and a towel can transform them into a caped crusader! However, some parents tend to micromanage their kids’ time with structured activities and there’s little left for the child to explore the world. We talk to a self-proclaimed “odd child” and imaginative artist and also to a psychotherapist about the pitfalls of over-involved parenting and the benefits of letting kids be on their own to use their imaginations and test their independence.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: William Joyce, Oscar-winning filmmaker, author of the children’s book, Billy’s Booger: A memoir, sort of. Mary Jo Rapini, psychotherapist who deals with issues of family, relationships and intimacy.

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15-17 Story 2: Creativity in Art, Business and Life


We hear a lot about creativity these days, but can you be creative and artistic if you work in any kind of occupation? We talk to two creative people – one an artist and the other a business consultant – about the essence of creativity, how they foster creativity in their work and how anyone can be creative – even under very constrained conditions — if they just take the time to look at their life and work in a different way.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Miranda July, filmmaker, actor, screenwriter, author of the novel, The First Bad Man; Mark Barden, partner in the consulting firm, eatbigfish, and co-author with Adam Morgan of the book, A Beautiful Constraint: How to transform your limitations into advantages, and why it’s everyone’s business.

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